LinkedIn Courses Details ! What’s the Cost ! Is it useful to you?

What is Linkedin Learning ?

Today, I want to talk about one of the famous online learning platforms is called LinkedIn Learning. If you are looking for the best Linkedin courses, you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to show you the best courses from some categories of LinkedIn learning, or Lynda learning, so that you can know the details about those courses. In this review, you will learn what are the LinkedIn course’s main features and it’s advantages and disadvantages, how much it costs, and able to define whether it is worth your time or not. I will also discuss what types of courses are available on the platform.By now, most professionals have recognized the importance of developing skills. At Present, Everyone has an opportunity to learn something from home through an online platform. Fortunately, there are quite a few online learning platforms nowadays that enable you to learn easily. Did you know that online learning actually saves your 50- 60% time to learn than traditional education? It is affordable for every knowledge seeker.Linkedin Learning is also known as Lynda learning, world’s one of the famous e-learning or online learning platform. Linkedin Learning Previous named Lynda Learning.There are  three types of Linkedin courses like Business, Technology, and Creative. You will find more than 15000 LinkedIn courses under those three categories.Linkedin courses that focus specifically on tech skills, also as people who specialise in business and artistic skills. you’ll find classes on everything from HTML and JavaScript, to leadership training and career development, to photography and music composition. And since the platform is subscription based, your payment gives you access to each single class.


• Business Analysis and Strategy
• Business Software and Tools
• Career Development
• Customer Service
• Finance and Accounting
• Human Resources
• Leadership and Management
• Marketing
• Professional Development
• Project Management
• Sales
• Small Business and Entrepreneurship
• Training and Education


• Animation and Illustration
• Audio and Music
• Graphic Design
• Motion Graphics and VFX
• Photography
• Product and Manufacturing
• User Experience
• Video
• Visualization and Real-Time
• Web Design


• Cloud Computing
• Data Science
• Database Management
• DevOps
• IT Help Desk
• Mobile Development
• Network and System Administration
• Security
• Software Development
• Web Development

Some  Linkedin Courses:

Course Name: Learning SQL Programming for Beginner
Course Instructor: Scott Simpson
Skilled Covered in this course: Database Queries, Database Development, Database, SQL
SQL stands for (Structured Query Language) is a common tool for retrieving data from relational databases.
It is a language for relational database management systems. SQL systems are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database or retrieve data from a database. This LinkedIn course will provide you with the instruction on the basics of each of these commands as well as allow you to put them to practice using the SQL Interpreter.

Course Name: Graphics Design
Course Instructor: A Group of Experts
Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to publish ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. They develop the general layout and production design for various applications like advertisements, brochures, magazines, and company reports.
The largest field of graphic designers are as follows:

Self-employed workers 22%
Specialized design services 10%
Advertising, public relations, and related services 8%
Printing and related support activities 7%
Newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers 5%

Course Name: Become a Phyton Developer
Instructor: A group of experts
Python may be a popular general-purpose programming language that will be use for a good sort of application. Python is generally considered as a beginner-friendly language:
The syntax isn’t cluttered. To an absolute beginner, small pieces of syntax are often very confusing. Python minimizes that.
• There is a large amount of library software written in Python already. For a beginner, learning the way to implement everything from scratch is often an enormous burden; it’s easier if you’ve got a magical command.
• There are many learning materials out there. Entire shelves at the bookstore are dedicated to Python. plenty of (interactive) websites teach Python.
• Python isn’t a useless language for the industry; there are A-list companies that use Python together of their main languages.
• The Python community is usually friendly to new programmers.

Course Name: Programming Foundations: Fundamental
Instructor: Annyce Davis
Covered in this course: Python, Programming, JavaScript

As a programmer, you will get a good opportunity to build your career. In this internet era, the demand for a programmer is behind the description. The future of this skill is bright. Many students have completed graduation on programming in reputed universities for the betterment of their future. The structure of programming will easy to your interest. Will the programmer have a job in the future? Yes. Of Course. In the near future, however, it’s like software engineers won’t be running out of jobs. The code may change, languages may change, and therefore the challenges may change. But the empathy needed to know what features citizenry want to ascertain is yet a person’s quality. And with the demand for software engineers increasing a minimum of for the foreseeable future, if you’re getting to make a career in it, bets are it is a safe – and good – choice.

           What’s the Price/Cost of LinkedIn Courses?

Linkedin offers 2 types of course plan one is monthly which cost is $29.99 or Annually billed which cost $19.99/monthly.
You can start a free trial and see whether the platform works or not for you?

After the initial free month, you’ll start paying if you would like to remain onboard and continue taking more LinkedIn Learning courses.

Pros&Cons of LinkedIn Learning/Linkedin Courses

                          Pros : 

• Simple to use interface
• Breadth of materials covered
• Q&As with field experts
• Technical topics for advanced learners
• Badges and certificates
• Dedicated LinkedIn Learning app
• Plenty for business people
•Great for specific hard skills, such programming
• High production quality

                       Cons :

• Difficulty levels are not always accurate
• No accreditation
• No variety in content delivery methods
• Requires a LinkedIn Premium account
• Many videos have an overly corporate tone
•Categorization of classes can be confusing
What’s the Price/Cost of LinkedIn Courses?


Is linkedin courses useful to me? If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, these courses are best for you. That course bears hard ways to learn is excellent on linkedin. Every platform has some restrictions and wideness, LinkedIn is not exceptional too. In my personal experience LinkedIn will useful for gaining knowledge. No one can be able to learn without your determination. If your goal is fixed and do hard work success, you will be a success in every field.

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