Groovefunnels Review: Secrets That Nobody Will Tell You! Pros & Cons

groovefunnels review

Hey, My dear reader, Today I am going to show you a brand new tools groovefunnels review to solve your marketing difficulty. Is it better than Clickfunnel or another funnel or landing page builder? After reading this groovefunnels review I hope you’ll be able to understand which is better for you.

Every Marketer or entrepreneur needs a funnel builder to promote their products or affiliate products. Many times marketers or entrepreneurs feel difficulty with the promotion of their products. To grow sales of products, you must need a funnel or landing page for capturing leads for later marketing. So let’s talk about this brand new groovefunnels review.

I will discuss groove funnels or groovepage’s advantage or disadvantage. Why should you use this tool for the betterment of your sales? What do you know after reading this GrooveFunnel review content?  From this GrooveFunnels review, you will know the featureof GrooveFunnels,Groove Products, Groove Service, Groove Affiliate, and Groove Affiliate etc.

What Is GrooveFunnel?

Before reading this GrooveFunnels review, we need to know actually what is a GrooveFunnel?

GrooveFunnel has a bundle of tools for creating websites, building sales funnels, and developing shopping carts so payment can be processed online. Software development is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it is not astonishing that new tools are often released to meet the rising demand. When it comes to online businesses, there is no exception.

For every company, marketing tools are essential, including traditional trade looking to go online, existing digital companies or any individual Internet marketer who wants to build an income from home. However, with so many choices out there, which one is the most suitable? Taking a closer look at the marketing software community, no shortages of options will come up in your research. While these are essential tools, the problem that many business owners face is that those products do not seem to be the most suitable for them.

For example, traditional business owners may find that the conversions of products are overly complicated in digital platforms, especially if they do not have the technical skills to run the systems. Then, there may also be aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and the high cost of all the available tools means that they are out of their budget.

Finally, there are just too many tools need for a new business owner, and requiring to subscribe to dozens of tools on paid monthly plans, while needing to understand and manage all the accounts, can quickly become overwhelming. Because of all these reasons, that’s why GrooveFunnels was created for the business owners and internet marketers.

Groovefunnels review: Easy to use or difficult?

Yes. of course Grovefunnels is easy to use.

When members sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account, they get immediate access to their dashboard and able create a website, salesfunnel, landing page, and shopping cart, all of which allow them to have everything they need to start selling products and services online.

Their interface looks very smart and clear. Just drag and drop funnel builder. You’ll find all the elements you need to create your own webpage, shopping cart, and landing page, etc. You’ll find blocks like Alert Bars, content, Call to action, footer, Resources, Covers, Navigation, Testimonials, Forms, and Title in the block section. There are lots of elements that you need to create a full website with just drag and drop. You also find a popup page builder option in your groovepage dashboard. GrooveFunnels is not only easy to use but also free.

This is especially helpful for those who have no technical knowledge because the entire suite of tools are so simple to use Just user can do it through copy and paste, drag and drop and click and scroll their way to creating professional-looking websites. Users can be able to create sales funnels and capable of taking online orders.

GrooveFunnels Tools In Practice

This GrooveFunnels review cannot be over unless I introduce you to the magic of this all-in-one funnel builder. All the features have not been launched yet, but GrooveSell, GroovePages, and GrooveAffiliate are already put into motion.

As mentioned before, GrooveFunnels is packed with opportunities for everyone, it’s like a buffet. It has it all – all the best and most affordable tools to run your online business, so let me go through the features included in GrooveFunnels one by one, so you get the idea of what I am talking about.

GrooveSell has the sales platform, the shopping cart option. You will not be charged to sell products, you’ll pay a fee for taking payments only (which is what everybody does), but other than that you’ll have no additional costs. You can sell digital not physical products here like training and coaching, courses, PDFs, or ebooks. It allows you to create your product, the upsells, and the downfalls, same as adding your check out pages.

It offers an affiliate program too, where affiliates can promote your products. It’s like a replacement for ClickBank, PayKickStart, JvZoo, and WarriorPlus and there is no limit to how many affiliates you can have. The more the merrier, basically


GrooveFunnels review for an affiliate system, For Marketers or who want to earn some extra cash , It is a great opportunity to them.  Astonishingly, GrooveFunnels also offers its user a powerful affiliate program, by which members can easily start their own affiliate programs and they will be able to promote their products or affiliates products for their customers.

GrooveAffiliate user dashboard is very easy to navigate, and it’s free to use. It’s a great marketplace where you can sell and promote your digital products with the help of affiliates.

You also get all the promotional elements in your GrooveAffiliate dashboard Like a banner, blog content, Facebook ads copy, email swift for email marketing. They give you all the promotional tools that you need to promote their products to others.

GrooveFunnels Review : GroovePages

GroovePages is like that 3 in 1 coffee, only better. It includes a landing page, a funnel builder, and a website all in one. You get to create all these things from scratch using robust software written in JavaScript called Vue.js.

You can publish your site on HTML, thus significantly reducing the loading time, plus you can boost your SEO big time and it has free hosting.

GroovePages offers you Amazon hosting servers and if you want to enhance your Google ranking well, worry no more! GroovePages has mobile-first indexing, and it’s the first of its kind.

GrooveFunnels review


GrooveFunnels review of Groovemail service. Your Groove lifetime online software has to have an email because what are entrepreneurs without an email, am I right? GrooveMail is an e-mail autoresponder much like MailChimp, and Getresponse. Emails come with a template you can use, but there is also tagging and behavioral-based email marketing.

For example, if a person sees a page, based on the page, you can send that specific mail you want or send a message based on the webinar that’s being held. You also get voice broadcasting, so visitors can get a voice blast while being on a certain page.

Normally, a question rise in your mind about  GrooveMail, is it comes with a paid plan only.  No matter what plan you have, you get to mail 25,000 contacts for FREE.

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GrooveFunnels is making yet another incredible feature happen. Basically, your GrooveWebinars tool will have automated and live webinar platforms that you can use.

You will have templates to choose from, but you can edit them to fit your needs. You will get customizable templates, you can add your header and footer, you can add a calendar and choose the time, style your logo, and design your own terms of service.

GrooveWebinars will be released at the end of 2020, but you can get it only if you get their platinum plan. And with a good reason!

Above these , Groove offers its customers lots of services like :

GrooveFunnels review


In this section of GrooveFunnels review,I will describe about GrooveMember features. Building membership websites is one among the foremost profitable online business strategies, especially for a few selected niches. the most purpose of the membership site is to interact with the people/users/members during a way that they need to be a member, in other words, a customer.

There are some ways and methods on how one can set about creating membership websites, also as various ways to monetize them. a number of the foremost common and easiest is monthly or yearly subscription-based membership. Meaning that you simply can pay some reasonable monthly fee in exchange for the content, tools, or services.

Another strategy is that you simply keep the monthly fees at $0, but systematically market the products to members without scaring them away. This method is more complex and requires some additional tools and marketing skills like Email Autoresponder and Copywriting, but it might be very rewarding if done properly. Through this GrooveFunnel review, I want to tell you that Groove offers many features for you which are shown below.







GroovePages For Shopify

Groove Funnel Pricing

GrooveFunnels is a suite of online business tools designed for business owners, with easy ways and low  price tag. They offer 4 type of plans such Base,Silver,Gold and Platinum(Coming Soon).

The Plans price tag :

  • Base Plan for Free
  • Silver $99 Month
  • Gold $199 Month
  • Platinum Approximate $299 Month (Coming Soon)

In the conclusion of this GrooveFunnels review,I suggest you try it free then you take your decision for upgrading or not. Not only that, but also users can add unlimited products, create sales funnels, build branded websites with full navigation, use custom domain names, sell products in just one click, and offer upsells, downsells and order bumps to customers with the free account of GrooveFunnels.

Such a robust software suite is typically unheard of in the software development industry,

For whom GrooveFunnel is suitable? It is for those who are looking for the new best way to build funnels and sell digital products, and would like their own complete digital products and services online sales system.Now is the time to get started with GrooveFunnels without any fees.

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