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elementor review

Elementor is a very modern page editor. As the most popular free page editing plugin, it changes the way WordPress builds websites, allowing us to build web pages without code.

In this article, we will detail Elementor and how to use it to help you decide whether you should use Elementor as your default WordPress page builder


Why use Elementor?

I have used many visual editors, such as WPBakery, Visual Composer, etc. Among them, Elementor is a better one in many aspects

*Modern and concise editing

*The free version is already very useful

*Elementor supports Chinese, supports any WordPress theme

*Lightweight, even with the Elementor Pro version, the total installation package size is only 3MB

*The number of users is very large, there are more than 1 million active installations in the WordPress plugin center alone

*More than 90% of five-star reviews

*Professional development and after-sales team

These features are enough to persuade us to use Elementor, and it continues to improve and enhance, becoming more and more popular in WordPress

Of course, we can’t judge based only on these external factors. Really useful functions are the most important. Next, let’s take a look at what features and highlights of Elementor

Elementor installation

Elementor is free to use, we can always experience, whether it is the free version or Pro version, you need to install Elementor, directly on the official website to download, Elementor free download, the free version can be installed directly; if you buy the Pro version, you need to Install the Elementor plugin first, and then install the Elementor Pro plugin, even if you have a free version before, you can seamlessly switch to the Pro version

Note: When installing Elementor, be sure to meet its environmental requirements, otherwise unexpected errors may occur

After installation, we will see an “Edit with Elementor” button on the article or page. Click it to enter the Elementor visual editor.

Elementor will prepare 2 templates for you. There are three options:

*Default template: The template that comes with the theme, usually with theme elements, commonly used in articles

*Elementor full width: set the content part to 100% width, keeping the original theme head and bottom

*Elementor canvas: pure Elementor template, does not contain any other elements, suitable for thematic pages

Note that the layout will not take effect until the layout is turned on.

Like most visual page editors, Elementor also uses the left editing bar, and the right side displays the layout of the web page. At present, this layout is the best, easy to edit, and in line with the habits of most users.

Use the Elementor editor, no need to prepare a blank template, Elementor is ready for you, select the canvas in the page layout to get a brand new page, and there are not so many themes or plugin requirements, you can use any type of WordPress theme Elementor.

When making a page with Elementor, you can directly edit from scratch and set each element’s style yourself; or call a template and modify and replace it based on the template. This way to complete the page is also a very efficient way. Elementor provides various modules and 100+ templates, whether free version or Pro version can call the demo, but more templates are available in Pro version

elementor elements

In diverse column layouts, you can choose the number and style of columns according to your needs, and then drag and drop elements to fill in the appropriate position to form the page design of the website.

You can drag any element contained in Elementor into the column, such as pictures, text paragraphs, titles, lists, articles, buttons, customer reviews, CTA, price lists, etc., whenever you select different elements, the left side will automatically Switch to the corresponding option. Compared to other editors, the styles and options of the Elementor element are very good. You can design beautiful pages without too many settings.

Elementor editor features and experience

To determine whether a page editor is easy to use, options and functions are the most important. Let’s take a look at the editing options of Elementor.

Elementor live to edit

The first and most important point is real-time text editing. This feature can be used to determine whether a page editor is modern and efficient. Elementor supports real-time editing in the line, and it prepares a classic WordPress editor for us. You can get a better writing experience by widening the edit bar, just like editing in the background. The only thing that is a bit uncomfortable is if You want to edit in real-time on the webpage, you need to click 2 times to fix the cursor to the desired position 

Elementor style settings

In addition to the key options for each element, Elementor also provides advanced style settings. You can set the background, border, padding, responsiveness, custom CSS, etc. of the element. Of course, it will be different according to the characteristics of each element. Options

Elementor uses a combination of Tab and Toggle in the distribution of tools. Even if there are many options, it can be easily accommodated. The layout here is very good. Elementor makes good use of limited space, unlike some editors. The experience is very poor, I have used a CornerStonebefore, the editor is very crowded, and I often cannot find the elements I want to use 

Convenient right-click menu

Unlike other page editors, Elementor uniquely supports the right-click menu. This is a feature I like very much. It is very convenient to select what Dorsey is.

*It’s easier to delete elements. Before there is no right-click function, you need to manually find the small cross on the far right, which is very laborious.

*Selecting elements is more convenient. When you right-click, the right-click menu displays whether the currently selected element is a widget, column, or row. This makes it difficult to make mistakes when editing.

*Copy styles, useful for similar designs

The right-click menu is really a very good feature. If it makes me choose Elementor, then the right-click menu must be a very important item. 

Elementor shortcuts

Elementor editor provides a lot of shortcut keys, such as commonly used copy, paste, history, these can be quickly used in Elementor, Elementor shortcut keys to organize

When making complex pages, you can use Elementor’s responsive editing to adjust, including PC, tablet, and mobile.

Elementor template

In order to allow us to quickly build web pages, Elementor provides template functions that can make various calls

Comes with module

Module templates are usually a part of specific functions, such as head, bottom, countdown, contact form, article list, etc. Most of these modules are black and white style, easy to match and modify, useful in theme editing

Page template

Page templates, full-page templates, most of which are of different styles, and can be modified directly from all walks of life. One of the great things about Elementor is that you can load multiple pages at the same time. These page templates will not cover the previous content so that you can combine elements of multiple pages together through deletion.

After we have made some good templates ourselves, we can save them as custom templates. When similar modules are needed, we can call them directly, and custom templates support import and export, which is very convenient to share. In addition, you can also obtain Elementor templates from third parties, such as those obtained from Envato Elements

Global element

Elementor is very smart. If you want to save an element, such as a button or text, it will be automatically saved as a global element.

What is an Elementor global element? It can be used on all pages, and the style of the same element is the same, and global elements are locked for editing by default, but if modified, all elements will follow the changes

For websites that need more custom pages, global elements are very useful in unifying style and displaying some important data

Elementor Theme Editor

Elementor 2.0’s new theme editing function makes it no longer just a page editor. It becomes a theme builder. With Elementor you can completely change the theme. With theme editing, you will find that all operations are changed It’s simple. You can easily modify the head and bottom of the website, article pages, category pages, archive pages, etc., and then apply these modifications to some pages, or even the entire site, without any coding knowledge. For specific setting methods, see Elementor Theme Builder Tutorial

Other characteristics

In addition to the basic page editor functions, Elementor has many very unique features. 

Navigation Bar

A new feature added by Elementor, the biggest effect of this navigation is that you can change the position of the segment on the top, avoiding using the mouse to scroll and drag on the page for a long distance


Elementor Pro provides a slideshow tool that requires only simple settings to get started. If you don’t need cool effects, plugins such as Slider Revolution and LayerSlider can be uninstalled.

Sidebar gadget

Elementor has a built-in sidebar call widget, you can use it to make your own sidebar widget, Elementor make sidebar widget tutorial

Maintenance mode

Elementor can not only enable maintenance mode with one click but also you can use Elementor to customize your own maintenance page. Elementor opens maintenance mode tutorial

Elementor Pro

Maybe for general page design requirements, the free version is fully sufficient, so do we need to upgrade to the advanced version? Let’s take a look at what features have been added to the Pro version.

*Pro template, many built-in templates in Elementor require Pro

*For more available elements, I have to say that there are many practical functions in the Pro template, such as article lists, portfolio lists, sliders, contact forms, customer reviews, CTA, etc.

*Custom CSS

*Global element

*Dynamic field

*WooCommerce customization

*Elementor Theme Builder allows you to make theme templates

If you need the functions listed above, then I suggest you purchase the  Pro version, which is very convenient to use. Overall, the improvement is still very large, especially since its theme editing function is very powerful and easier to use.

Elementor Pro price

elementor pricing

Single Site License, $ 49

3 Site License, $ 99

25 Site License, $ 199

All packages include one-year updates and support. Pro version has a 25% discount if renewed. Of course, you can choose to cancel the renewal. The plug-in can still be used, but there is no update and support.

Compared with other page editors, Elementor is more widely used and more versatile. Whether you are an ordinary WordPress user or a commercial website, you can find the features you need in Elementor, and it is also flexible to use. , Can be quickly built, and can also perform various advanced settings and custom styles for a module

Whether it’s the free version or the Pro version, it is a very powerful editor. Its biggest role is to change the editing habits of WordPress. It has a variety of settings and a humanized editing experience. No professional and boring code is needed to modify the page

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